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Transformation Coach and Consultant
Sound healer + poet + breathwork facilitator + meditation teacher

Rebecca is a Transformation Coach, Mentor, & Consultant 
Creator of THE WELL | Coaching and Leadership programs.


Rebecca’s works with individuals and groups in both private and corporate settings, coaching and facilitating transformation, healing and change creating a space that invites deep fulfillment, peace and expanded purpose. Rebecca's work with healing sound vibration, meditation and the breathe and their impact on human experience has been featured at creative conferences, retreats and workshops in the states and abroad supporting such partners as the poet David Whyte, Marianne Williamson, a series of women’s creativity and movement retreats from Bali to France and Hawaii, and the Sundance Film Festival Wellness Collective.


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Gayatri Mantra - Rebecca Holt
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New Birth Prayer - Rebecca Holt
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Chant and Bowls - Rebecca Holt
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